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Some women go to extremes to hide their hands because of loose, sun-damaged skin, age spots, or prominent veins.

Many young women are self-conscious about their enlarged hand veins. Some have unusually large bulging veins that are very masculine. In addition, as people age, they often lose fat tissue in their hands as well as skin elasticity, making the normal hand veins more prominent, visible and unsightly. You may undergo facial rejuvenation / surgery to help you look younger, but often hands reveal your true age. Hand Rejuvenation


At the Vein & Laser Center, we have been treating hand veins with great success for many years. All treatments are performed personally by our medical director, Dr. S. Taha, a board certified General & Vascular surgeon. Hand veins may be treated by one of the following techniques or a combination:

Injection Therapy (Foam Transilluminated Sclerotherapy)
Injecting hand veins are similar to injection leg veins. Sclerotherapy is the technique in which a specific solution is injected with a very fine needle directly into the vein. The solution irritates the lining of the vein, causing it to swell and stick together. The body in a natural healing process then absorbs the vein over period of weeks. Following treatment, a compression bandage is applied for 24 hours. The advantages are:
This is an office procedure.
Minimal discomfort.
It is fast, simple, effective and long lasting.
No anesthesia is required.
You may drive home and resume all activities without limitations immediately.

There is no significant risk associated with hand vein therapy. Mild hand swelling may be present for a few days and there may also be some tenderness in treated areas, but these resolve quickly.

Arm and hand veins are very much like that of the leg and foot. There are many veins which are able to return blood to the heart. Superficial veins, veins we can see under the skin, are not essential. There is an extensive network of deep veins that is adequate to drain the hand. When treating hand veins, we are always careful to preserve the arm veins for future intravenous access.

EndoLaser Treatment
Endo Laser ablation, a new technique, is a safe and quick procedure to eliminate prominent unwanted hand veins without having to undergo surgery. Laser ablation uses a laser fiber threaded into the vein. As the fiber is pulled out slowly, the energy from the laser heats up the vein and blood cells, damaging the inner lining of the vein wall. Once the fiber is removed, a tight dressing is put on the hand, clamping down the tissue and collapsing the vein. Over the next couple of weeks, the vein dies and gives way, leaving a smooth hand. During the recovery period, patients are able and encouraged to use their hands. In addition, they are required to wear a compression garment to decrease the swelling and help the veins lay flat.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia at the comfort of our office.

While treatment of symptomatic leg veins may be covered by insurance, hand vein therapy is strictly cosmetic and not reimbursable.

To find out more about our Hand vein treatments or other cosmetic procedures, please call our office to arrange for a private consultation at 201-795-9007.