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If your surgeon is recommending surgical stripping of your veins,
it is time to find out how laser light can save you from the knife!

EndoLaser Venous System Ablation is the preferred treatment for patients with Varicose Veins and other vein disorder usually caused by incompetent great saphenous and other large veins. Essentially Endo Laser vein treatment has replaced ligation & stripping procedure completely and made it obsolete.

This new procedure is a revolutionary, gentle and quick treatment for varicose veins. It is revolutionary because it is performed in the office with the patient awake and able to walk home immediately after. It eliminates much of the pain, bruising, scarring, discomfort and best of all no prolonged recovery. A person can have the procedure, leave the doctor's office and be back at work or play the very next day.

Before Endo Laser
After Endo Laser Treatment
After ELVeS & Microphlebectomy

What is the actual procedure like?
The ELVeS procedure takes about 30 - 60 minutes and is performed in the office. An ultrasound is used to map out the faulty vein. A small catheter is introduced through a needle and passed up the length of the affected vein. A thin flexible Laser fiber is inserted through the catheter. The laser light will then be emitted through the fiber. As the thermal laser energy is administered, the vein will collapse and close from inside.

How does
ELVeS treatment work?
Endo Venous laser is a minimally invasive procedure that leaves no scar. Laser energy is delivered to the faulty vein, causing it to close. There are many veins in the leg. So after treatment, the body simply reroutes blood-flow through other healthy veins.

What are the advantages of ELVeS procedure?

Using the latest state of the art laser technology, this system is gentle, minimally invasive, quick treatment and has the following advantages:


In Office Procedure
Economical. Save thousands of dollars on hospital cost
No Vein Stripping
Short treatment time
Minimal discomfort. No pain medications required.
Minimal Recovery Time. Most patients go back to work within 24 hours
Most activity can be resumed immediately
Local anesthesia. Avoid the complications of general anesthesia.
No or minimal scar. Cosmetically superior to to stripping.

Is the procedure painful?
Patients treated with ELVeS feel very little pain, if any, during the procedure. Local anesthetic will be used to numb the treatment area.

How soon will I be able to resume normal activities?

Normal activities can be resumed immediately after ELVeS treatment, with the exception of rigorous exercise. You will be wearing support stockings for about two weeks.

Am I at risk of Laser?

No. Just as a precaution against accidental firing of laser energy outside the vein, you will be given a pair of special glasses to protect your eyes.

Will the results of this treatment last?

Endo Venous Laser treatment has been performed for a number of years on thousands of patients with over 97% success. The procedure has proven to be effective with outstanding patient satisfaction. There is a low probability of the treated vein to reopen.

What are the complication of this procedure?

Fortunately, endovenous laser procedure has rarely been associated with any serious complications. Common minor complications are:

  Minimal bruising at the treatment area
Mild itching
Tenderness and tightness in the treated leg for up to two weeks
Painful palpable cord
Reaction to the local anesthetic
Skin discoloration
Deep vein thrombosis

Will my insurance cover it?
Some policies will cover the procedure, at least partially, and others will not. Check with your insurance provider for the exact coverage.