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Ligation & Stripping of Varicose Veins
(Not Minimally Invasive)

This procedure is mentioned here only to complete the information. The new Laser technology available tody made this procedure almost obsolete. It is rarely used by experienced vein surgeons.

The conventional procedure for treating varicose veins has been ligation (tying off of the vein) & stripping (removal of a long segment of a vein by pulling it out with a special instrument). This procedure is performed in the hospital operating room and requires general or spinal anesthesia. It is extensive surgery with lengthy post operative recovery and disability, significant pain & discomfort, and leads to scarring. Improvements on this technique have been made using Perforating INversion stripping (PIN) performed under tumescent anesthesia minimizing the complications and scarring of stripping. At the Vein & Laser Center, this procedure has been totally replaced by the new innovative break through Endovenous laser treatment & Hook Micro Phlebectomy.